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Comic Con Legend Shares his Hosting Tips, Geek TV’s Chris Gore – See his new Doc ‘Attack of the Doc’ Available April 24

Popular Host Shares his Tips, Comic Con and Geek TV’s Chris Gore 

Chris Gore is a frequent host on Comic Con and Geek Culture stages around the world, plus on dozens of TV shows.

On a weekly basis, he battles publicly to keep a panel of personalities in line, with egos and eccentricities, from world-famous filmmakers and comic book artists to eager up-and comers in pop culture.

Today I sat down with Chris Gore, the writer / director / producer of  “Attack of the Doc!”  to ask him all about his hosting tips.

“Attack of the Doc!” is written, directed & produced by Chris Gore.  

This deep dive documentary features pop icons including Wil Wheaton, John Cena, Joel McHale, Peter Jackson, Kumail Nanjiani, Whitney Cummings, Danny Pudi, and many more! 

Attack of the Show! was unique, way ahead of its time and was a milestone that had a huge impact on geek culture.  Available for streaming and more as of April 24, 2023.


You’re a world-class host, whether it’s in front of a camera or on a stage. What do you feel is the key to being a great host?


I want people who disagree with each other to be on a panel together, because I wanna come to some [agreement]. I want everyone to shake hands at the end. And ideally, maybe even hug, even though I’m not much of a hugger. Shake hands, walk away, have a sense of sportsmanship. You debated your point. I debated mine. The audience can decide how they feel about something. 


Whenever I’m moderating a panel or doing something like that, I try to make sure everybody gets a chance to talk. And if I see somebody dominating too much, I’ll get them to pull back. I’ll say, ‘Hey, everybody, for two minutes, give me your opinion on this, and then I’ll go down the line.’


I also want people to feel welcomed, even whether I personally agree with their opinion or not, doesn’t matter. I want people to feel welcome in that space.


When it comes to doing TV, I had no TV experience when I started doing television. My first real TV job was on a show called “The X Show”, which was a show on late night on FX. It was like “The Man Show”, but kind of like “The View” with guys, and I was the movie guy. 


So I had to learn, but I didn’t care about being on television, whereas everyone else I was surrounded by really wanted to be on TV. I think because I didn’t care, that helped me because I didn’t care if I got the job or not.  I’m a stay-at-home dad writing a book right now about movies. I don’t have time. The TV thing is kind of interrupting my schedule. The less I cared about being on TV the more jobs I got offered. 


I didn’t realize this [at first]. But truthfully, to be on television, you need to learn how to walk up to your spot, which is usually a piece of tape on the floor. So you gotta ‘meet the spot’, okay? 


You’ve gotta look at the teleprompter and you read what’s on the teleprompter, but you pretend you’re not reading; you pretend you’re actually talking to a person. So you read, but act like you’re actually not reading. 


And that’s pretty much it. 


I just told you everything. You could go to college and learn how to be on TV.  I just gave you the 30 second summary. Walk up to a piece of tape and be able to read where it sounds natural.


I was fortunate enough that some of the stuff was scripted for me, but when it came to my opinion, that was me talking off the top of my head. And I always felt like whenever I did DVDs Day on ‘Attack of the Show’ or other television that I did, I always felt like I was in a race.  ‘I’ve got four minutes. I’m gonna give you as much information in four minutes as possible. We’ll come to a conclusion: buy, rent, or pass. Then, see you next week [where] I’ll be on for another four minutes.’


“Attack of the Doc!” is written, directed & produced by Chris Gore, produced & edited by Bobby Schwartz, co-produced by Walter Areas, with additional co-editing by Anthony Ray Bench and Phillip H. Eubanks, and with an original score composed by Austin Smith. This deep dive documentary features pop icons including Wil Wheaton, John Cena, Joel McHale, Peter Jackson, Kumail Nanjiani, Whitney Cummings, Danny Pudi, Eric Andre, Jerry Stiller, Joe Rogan, Jimmy Fallen, Kel Mitchell, Anne Meara, Stan Lee, Sara Jean Underwood, Carrie Keagan, Riley Steele, Tom Green, Anthony Daniels, Michael Winslow, Joey Kern, Joan Rivers, Chris Hardwick, Robert Kirkman, Greg Nicotero, Jessica Chobot, Tony Hawk, and Alison Haislip, among others as we search for the truth.

Attack of the Show! was unique, way ahead of its time and was a milestone that had a huge impact on geek culture. Its core audience is one of the most coveted around the globe. I think viewers of the original show will be down for learning the history of the network and the show which helped usher in the age of nerd culture. Frankly, G4TV and Attack of the Show! are responsible for making it cool to be a nerd,” states Gore. “And at the end of the day, I hope the documentary entertains fans and reminds them of a time when a TV show could be dangerous and provide some laughs without fear of being canceled. Everyone who worked on the documentary is a super fan, so this movie was made by fans for fans.”



Attack of the Doc! Synopsis


Before the rise of big tech, social media and Marvel movies, Attack of the Show! chronicled nerd culture’s unlikely acceptance as mainstream. G4TV’s flagship show launched the careers of hosts Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira and was beloved by fans – a unique celebration of geek culture before it was cool. Diving into colossal cream pies, wearing fat suits for comedy and putting internet servers where the sun don’t shine – anything could happen on an episode of Attack of the Show! It’s been years since the show went off the air and one question has lingered: what really happened to G4TV and Attack of the Show? Enter Attack Of The Doc! — the new film written and directed by Chris Gore, promises to answer one of pop culture’s longest running mysteries.

Available now and watch the trailer here.

Follow the documentary and its journey available on Video on Demand and TVOD/Digital platforms on April 24th, 2023, which is the 21st Anniversary of the launch of G4TV.


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