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Big Hollywood Shake-Up! American Film Market 2024 Moves To Las Vegas’ Palms Casino Resort

American Film Market 2024 Relocating To Las Vegas’ Palms Casino Resort

The Independent Film & Television Alliance® (IFTA®) and its Board of Directors announce that the American Film Market (AFM®), its industry flagship event, will relocate to Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas for its 45th edition.

New Chapter for American Film Market in 2024

Scheduled for November 5 to 10, 2024, this move marks a new chapter for AFM.

Held in Los Angeles and Santa Monica for over four decades, AFM is a cornerstone event for the independent entertainment industry.

Companies Including Arclight Films, Blue Fox Entertainment, Cornerstone, Film Mode Entertainment, FilmNation Entertainment, HanWay Films, Lakeshore Entertainment, Millennium Media,

Myriad Pictures, NEON, Protagonist Pictures, The Exchange, WME Independent & XYZ Films

Already Committed as Exhibitors at the Palms for AFM24

American Film Market 2024 multi-City Search

The decision to move American Film Market to Las Vegas comes after a multi-city search and careful consideration of the needs of AFM’s Exhibiting Sales Companies and Buyers and reflects IFTA’s dedication to creating the optimal environment where the global film and television industry can converge, collaborate, and conduct business seamlessly.

“After extensive research, discussions with the Board and invaluable feedback from stakeholders, this move underscores our determination to evolving AFM to meet today’s industry needs,”

Clay Epstein

IFTA Chairperson and President of Film Mode Entertainment.

“The strength of the AFM lies in its ability to create community and present a sophisticated platform for all our participants’ activities in one convenient location. The Palms enables us to do all of that and beyond.”

Palms Casino Resort offers a wealth of modern facilities and conveniences, all in a single location for an enhanced market experience. Highlights include newly renovated rooms and suites for Exhibitor office space and guest rooms, the Brenden Theatres’ 14 screen state-of-the-art multiplex, and more than 170,000 square feet of dedicated conference, meeting, and event space. 

Las Vegas presents easy travel options, including domestic and international flights from over 160 locations, and its close proximity to Los Angeles, with over 35 daily flights, expands the options and allows AFM participants easy stopovers. Furthermore, Las Vegas offers a wealth of dining, sleeping, entertaining, and shopping opportunities, providing added value for AFM participants.

Epstein further added, “This move to Las Vegas is generating support and enthusiasm from colleagues around the world and we are excited to welcome everyone to AFM 2024 in November.”

Major production, finance, sales and distribution companies, including Arclight Films, Blue Fox Entertainment, Blacktop International, Cinema Management Group, Cornerstone, The Exchange, Film Mode Entertainment, FilmNation Entertainment, Film Seekers, HanWay Films, A Higher Standard, Lakeshore Entertainment, Millennium Media, Myriad Pictures, NEON, Protagonist Pictures, The Asylum, The Solution Entertainment Group, Vision Films, WME Independent and XYZ Films have already committed to participating in AFM24 in the new Las Vegas Palms locale, underscoring the industry’s enthusiasm for this monumental move and the importance of AFM to their businesses.

Jean Prewitt, IFTA President & CEO commented:  “AFM was created by the Independents and remains the Independents’ market.  The industry has called for a fresh look at how the market can better serve a rapidly changing business.  The Board has made a monumental decision that allows us to better serve these needs.  We look forward to introducing everyone to the new AFM venue and its offerings.”

“We’re delighted to extend a warm welcome to the American Film Market,” said Cynthia Kiser Murphey, General Manager of Palms Casino Resort. “Our team members are committed to providing the Palms signature and personalized hospitality to each and every guest. The AFM’s needs and our offerings make for a perfect match and we look forward to hosting the AFM participants this November.”

As AFM prepares to make its debut in Las Vegas this Fall, further details will be unveiled in the coming weeks and months. 

About the American Film Market® (AFM®)

The AFM is where the global film and television business comes to life every November. The only independently produced international sales market, hundreds of finance, production, sales and distribution companies and thousands of professionals from every segment of the industry, convene at AFM for six days of discovery, development, deal making, networking, marketplace discussions and world-class conferences. The AFM is produced by the Independent Film & Television Alliance® (IFTA®) and serves as the annual fundraiser for the association.  

About the Independent Film & Television Alliance® (IFTA®)
IFTA is the global trade association for independent film and television production, finance, distribution, and sales companies. The organization represents the independent sector before governments and international bodies and provides significant entertainment industry services to independent companies around the world.

About Palms Casino Resort

Palms Casino Resort is making history as the first resort in Las Vegas fully owned and operated by a Native American Tribe. Palms Casino Resort features two distinct towers with 766 hotel rooms and suites, a diverse mix of bars, restaurants, live entertainment venues, and immersive lifestyle experiences across a 95,000-square-foot reimagined casino. Offering free valet and self-parking, the resort also includes over 190,000 square feet of meeting, convention, and event space; the Pearl, a 2,500-seat theater; an expansive pool, The Spa & Salon at Palms; a wedding chapel; the Brenden Theatre 14-screen cinema and nearly 600 units at Palms Place condominiums.

Palms is located just west of the center of the Las Vegas Strip off I-15 on Flamingo Road. Palms Casino Resort is owned by The San Manuel Gaming and Hospitality Authority (“SMGHA”) an affiliate of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. For more information visit http://www.palms.com/ or the Palms Press Room. Follow Palms on social media Facebook Twitter Instagram.

Beauty and Big Laughs ‘Models of Comedy’ with Ksenia, Peake, St. John at Ella Beverly Hills from Max Events 

Ksenia, Peake, St. John! Beauty and Big Laughs ‘Models of Comedy’ at Ella Beverly Hills with Max Events 

Max Events presents Models of Comedy in support of From the Heart Tribe and sponsored by Lamborghini, Ella Beverly Hills, Sixty Hotels, Neft Vodka.

Ksenia, Peake, St. John! Beauty and Big Laughs ‘Models of Comedy’ at Ella Beverly Hills with Max Events 

Ksenia, Peake, St. John! Beauty and Big Laughs ‘Models of Comedy’ at Ella Beverly Hills with Max Events 

Ksenia, Peake, St. John! Beauty and Big Laughs ‘Models of Comedy’ at Ella Beverly Hills with Max Events 

What happens when you produce a comedy show starring some of the most beautiful people from around the world, including New Zealand, Germany, Russia, Denmark, Latin America, United Kingdom, United States and more?

The answer is fun-loving, raucous and big laughs.

Emmy Award winning Fashion Stylist, Costume Designer Brenda Cooper arrives for the show

Emmy Award winning Fashion Stylist, Costume Designer Brenda Cooper arrives for the show // Photos by Eugene Powers

Hot Night – Big Laughs ‘Models of Comedy’

The audience started off fun and flirty (thanks to St. John who we’ll get to in a sec), turned over the top, and by the end of the night there was a sing-a-long.  

Eliza St John hosts ‘Models of Comedy’

Eliza St John hosts ‘Models of Comedy’ // Photos by Eugene Powers

Eliza St. John

St. John was our host for the night who definitely set the tone: sexy, fun, flirty.  Struts onto the stage, wiggling and dancing. Oozing with energy, she interrupts her own introduction to flirt with a guy in the front row – who she asks to slide into her DMs.  Then asks the whole room to slide into her DMs.

A frisky start to a night that only gets hotter.

Eugenia Kuzmina performs at ‘Models of Comedy’

Eugenia Kuzmina performs at ‘Models of Comedy’ // Photos by Eugene Powers

Eugenia Kuzmina

Eugenia has become a comic strip regular, performing throughout Los Angeles stages.  She usually includes character work.  But, tonight was a straighter performance, based on well-timed rat-a-tat style jokes.  More relaxed, more comfortable.  Her characters are fun, but here’s hoping she delves deeper into these scripted punchlines.

Christine Peake, photo by Eugene Powers

Christine Peake

“Oh My Gawwd,” a guy in the 3rd row gasps just seconds into Christine Peake’s act.  And the gasps and howls only get louder!  Her set is not for the faint of heart. She goes for the jugular. LA’s “woke” youngsters in the crowd gasped, while the older crowd hooted along.

In 2024 she is finding her wings and soaring.  At Peake’s birthday show a few weeks ago, she broke new territory with her improvising.  Tonight she brought new laughs with a mostly new (and growing) set.   

Dominika Van Santen // Photo by Eugene Powers

Dominika Van Santen // Photo by Eugene Powers

Dominika Van Santen

Dominika won the Top Model of the World in 2005 and competed for Miss Venezuela Pageant, later she performed alongside Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Robin Thicke, J. Lo, Pitbull.  Tonight she brought great laughs.

CJ Franco // Photo by Eugene Powers

CJ Franco // Photo by Eugene Powers

CJ Franco

Instantly recognizable from 2021’s FBoy Island and tonight she continues beginning the heat – smart and salacious.  From threesomes to sex toys, she takes us into her bedroom and the crowd loves it.  Laughs, cringes, and blushing – she keeps pushing to the edge and gleefully dancing off the cliff.  Unafraid!

Thash Mose // Photo by Eugene Powers

Thash Mose // Photo by Eugene Powers

Thash Mose

Thash is a surprise discovery.  A quieter delivery, which made the laughs all the bigger.  From Disney’s “Frozen”, to drug addicts and the fashionably offensive. Nothing was off-limits and the audience loved her.  

Ksenia // Photo by Eugene Powers

Ksenia // Photo by Eugene Powers

Night of Beauty, Laughs and Surprises at ‘Models of Comedy’


Ksenia was one of the biggest winners of the night.  A mix of jokes, stories and songs.  Yes, songs.  And here’s the surprise: she has a great voice.  She got the crowd to sing-along twice by the end.  Seeing couples and strangers sway to the music,  enjoying the moment.  Ksenia is someone to watch for.  Get a ticket to her next show!

Thash Mose, Christine Peake, Eugenia Kuzmina, Kzenia // Photo by Eugene Powers

Thash Mose, Christine Peake, Eugenia Kuzmina, Kzenia // Photo by Eugene Powers

Neft Vodka

The World’s First Sipping Vodka from Austria.  Carefully selected for their soft and mild flavor profiles, Neft uses only Old-World non-GMO rye grains in their mash bill, imparting subtle sweetness and a luxuriously lengthy finish of soft, rye spice.

They are meticulous in their distillation process: using a copper still followed by continuous column distillation to extract only the highest quality spirit: the hearts. The result is a vodka with an incredible flavor profile and distinctive viscosity, giving NEFT its infinitely sipable taste and luxurious mouthfeel.

From the Heart Tribe

From the Heart Tribe is dedicated to effectuating positive change by organizing engaging experiences that contribute to the betterment of the natural environment.


Performance and Spirit:  ‘Lovers and Other Strangers’ at Burbank’s Taylor Acting Studio Fri-Sat nights only thru Feb 2024


Performance and Spirit Stand out with  “Lovers and Other Strangers” at Burbank’s Taylor Acting Studio.“Lovers and Other Strangers” runs at Burbank’s Taylor Acting Studio Fri-Sat nights only through February 2024.  The Taylor Acting Studio is an indie theater that hosts actors workshops, classes and shows at 2401 W. Magnolia Blvd in Burbank, CA.  

Cast attends Grand Opening of play “Lovers and Other Strangers” at The Taylor Studio, Los Angeles, CA, February 17th, 2024


Burbank’s Taylor Acting Studio

Starring cast of Burbank’s Taylor Acting Studio

For those unaware of “indie theater”, it’s a typical “black box” theater.  What it lacks in production budget, it makes up for in spirit and talent.  It’s a place where you discover hidden gems.  And tonight, we found several.

Singer Vanessa Bejine attends Grand Opening of play "Lovers and Other Strangers" at The Taylor Studio, Los Angeles, CA, February 17th, 2024

Singer Vanessa Bejine attends Grand Opening of play “Lovers and Other Strangers” at The Taylor Studio, Los Angeles, CA, February 17th, 2024


Publicist / comedian Christine Peake at Opening Weekend of “Lovers and Other Strangers” at Burbank’s Taylor Acting Studio

Publicist / comedian Christine Peake at Opening Weekend of “Lovers and Other Strangers” at Burbank’s Taylor Acting Studio

The concern was how well would a risque 1970s sex comedy play in LA’s woke 2024.

Let’s find out… 

Lovers and Other Strangers at Burbank’s Taylor Acting Studio

I didn’t walk into the show thinking of it as a “Girls Night Out”, but tonight it definitely played in that direction.    The packed theater was 70% women, who laughed, giggled and gasped throughout.

“Lovers and Other Strangers” at Burbank’s Taylor Acting Studio

Charly Taylor, Bradley Holzer, “Lovers and Other Strangers” at Burbank’s Taylor Acting Studio

Scene 1: Brenda & Jerry

Starring Charly Taylor, Bradley Holzer

What if your best and worst date was the same date?  Holzer’s “Jerry” tries to make his date night a little sexier while Taylor’s Brenda terrorizes him with naive or not-so-much wishy-washy responses.   

Taylor’s Brenda is electric as she walks on stage against Holzer’s kinetic energy.  It’s a high energy, flirty scene that stays fresh thanks to the performer’s chemistry. 

Painfully relatable.  Hilarious.  And it sets the tone for the night.  Laughing. Squirming. Following these characters through a maze of love, romance, disgust, bitterness.  

Phillip Latini, Elizabeth Kyokwijuka

Scene 2: Hal & Cathay

Starring Phillip Latini, Elizabeth Kyokwijuka

Do you love dialogue?  Phillip Latini and Elizabeth Kyokwijuka clearly love their dialogue and are having so much fun.  

Like a tennis match where they volley their bleeding hearts (and heartache) back and forth.  Heartbreak, swing, betrayal, swing, jealousy, embrace. Then repeat.  Latini offers a sneering performance demanding Kyokwijuka’s intensity and delicious she delivers. Great scene!

Art Santoro and Eugenia Kuzmina at Burbank’s Taylor Acting Studio

Art Santoro and Eugenia Kuzmina at Burbank’s Taylor Acting Studio

Scene 3: Johnny & Wilma

Starring Art Santoro and Eugenia Kuzmina

If you’ve seen Kuzmina’s work on the big screen before you know how easily she holds her stage presence.  

Tonight Kuzmina’s “Wilma” steals the scene in the first few moments with a quiet confidence and a misbehaving perfume bottle. Then like a cat and mouse game, she taunts, teases and plays Santoro’s Johnny until he can’t take it anymore.  He’s a mountain of a guy who’s gentle until he’s not.  When Santoro fires back it becomes a chess match. Physically, emotionally, psychologically.  Tossing and turning – the more they fight, the more their chemistry builds and what does that say about love?

Charly Taylor and Nathaniel Wyatt

Charly Taylor and Nathaniel Wyatt

Scene 4: Susan & Mike


Starring Charly Taylor and Nathaniel Wyatt

In tonight’s opening scene, Taylor is electric.  Now she visits us again. In this scene she shows another side  – calmly keeping pace while Wyatt takes the spotlight burning through his dialogue.   He bares his soul with vulnerability, angst, anger, desperation. 

Nathaniel Wyatt has leading man relatability.  Think Tom Hanks in 1984’s massive hit “Splash”.  If he and Charly Taylor aren’t pitching themselves (Hanks and Darryl Hannah, respectively) to the studios for a remake, the movie-loving world is missing out.


Sergio Lopez, Jordan Whitney

Sergio Lopez, Jordan Whitney

Scene 5: Bea, Frank, Rickie & Joan


Starring Eugenia Kuzmina, Sergio Lanza, Sergio Lopez, Jordan Whitney.

Throughout the night we’ve seen couples wrestling with every quirk and detail of relationships, healthy and not.  Here we see two married couples, one older, one younger – and how both couples are dealing with all of romance’s issues.

Sergio Lopez should win acclaim for his performance in this scene.  In a room full of bombastic characters, your eyes keep going back to him as he makes the subtlest of feelings quake the entire theater.

Sergio Lanza brings heart to the room and a baseline to Lopez’s reactions.  Lopez and Lanza should work together more often.  As Lanza’s internal boiling builds, he fills the room with emotion that all of the actors play off in the second half of the scene. The ensemble harmony is so flavorful and fun.  

Cue Jordan Whitney’s entrance who brings sunshine on a cloudy day.  Moments later, she informs Kuzmina’s performance in one of the highlights of the evening.

Eugenia Kuzmina reveals herself as a character actress

Eugenia Kuzmina reveals herself as a character actress. You know her best from several turns in Hollywood blockbusters, most notably gangsters and spies in big-budget Guy Ritchie movies.

But tonight she’s having a blast playing against type.  She’s moody and vulnerable.  Playing a lowly housewife with a lifetime of regrets. A woman in the audience goes from sobbing to full-on guffawing within seconds thanks to Kuzmina’s heartbreaking monologue in the second half of the scene.

One specific beat is so raw, honest, yet bitterly funny.  Kuzmina captures the mood.

It’s the perfect scene to end the show on.  

Eugenia Kuzmina

Eugenia Kuzmina


Indie Theater at Burbank’s Taylor Acting Studio is a fun date night

Why is indie theater important? Because in a town like LA, you can be sure these guys aren’t doing it for the money or the fame.  They’re performing for you tonight because they love it.

Director Jennifer Taylor Acting Studio

Director Jennifer Taylor from Taylor Acting Studio

Years ago, I was sitting in a black box theater and after the show I noticed an Oscar-winning filmmaker getting up from his seat in the back row.  On the walk out, I nudged him about why he was there.  He replied, “Eh, I had a tough week.  Got me cynical.  These kids helped remind me that I love storytelling.”  

Joe Winger at the premiere weekend

Joe Winger at the premiere weekend

If you love storytelling, give indie theater a try.  Pick a restaurant within walking distance.  Make it as date night.

SNL Legend Darrell Hammond, DJ Paul Oakenfold Celebrate Comic Christine Peake’s Birthday at Sunset Strip’s Hotel Ziggy to Support Breast Cancer Bandit

SNL Legend Darrell Hammond, DJ Paul Oakenfold Celebrate Comic Christine Peake’s Birthday at Sunset Strip’s Hotel Ziggy to Support Breast Cancer Bandit

Comic Marisa Sulivan with Christine Peake

Comic Marisa Sullivan with Christine Peake

Hotel Ziggy was jam-packed to celebrate Comic Christine Peake’s birthday February 5.

Comedian and show Producer Christine Peake seen with CEO of sponsor ONEHOPE wine,her son Oliver Peake & his girlfriend Chandra East // Photo: Christine Peake

Comedian and show Producer Christine Peake seen with CEO Jake Kloberdanz of sponsor ONEHOPE wine,her son Oliver Peake & his girlfriend Chandra East // Photo: Christine Peake

Spotted among the crowd was SNL legend Darrell Hammond, One Hope Wine’s CEO Jake Kloberdanz, comics Marisa Sullivan, Cat Ce, Greg Baldwin, Elijah Blue Allman and wife Queenie, Executive Lainie Jordan, Media Publisher Joe Winger, indie filmmakers Susan Dynner and Alesia Glidewell.

Elijah Blue Allman and Queeny King. PHOTO: EUGENE POWERS PHOTOGRAPHY

Elijah Blue Allman and Queeny King. PHOTO: EUGENE POWERS PHOTOGRAPHY


Comedians Thash Mose, Christine Peake, Marisa Sullivan and Marc Gordon

Comedians Thash Mose, Christine Peake, Marisa Sullivan and Marc Gordon

The show started with a “this is your life” inspired segment hosted by Mark Gordon that walked Christine through her famed, outrageous, and notorious history.  Her modeling days, her celebrity days, being a mother, and most of all – being a badass.

Author Scott Nathan was chatting with DJ Paul Oakenfold about his new book “The Big Book Of Bad Decisions”

Author Scott Nathan was chatting with DJ Paul Oakenfold about his new book “The Big Book Of Bad Decisions”

Christine Peake had an explosive night. Unapologetic, and all smiles.  She walks on stage with a Liza Minelli via 1970s “Cabaret” vibe, all sass and attitude.  Within moments the crowd explodes with a “Did she really just say that??” feeling.  Oh, she did.  And she’s gonna go way further.

Peake razzle dazzles on stage, melting away any “cancel culture” chilly vibe and creating a hot room for big laughs.  She pops and shimmies across the stage in a Charlie Chaplin’s classic “Tramp” kinda way, while letting loose on politics, culture, and all the thoughts her audience is thinking, but are too afraid to say — she says them!

Keep an eye on Marisa Sullivan.  A veteran of sketch comedy, but tonight was her first stand-up show.  Powerful, brave, sensual and funny.  She is a cancer survivor and founded Breast Cancer Bandit. She teases us along, slowly going deep, getting real, more vulnerable with her life’s journey.  Then, like a comic ninja, she attacks with her biggest joke. Big heart, even bigger laughs.

Greg Baldwin is equal parts “aw shucks, nice guy”, self-help guru and deranged clown.  He’s been through alot and he makes jokes through even the darkest parts. One second we’re sharing a cathartic moment, the next step we’re laughing at his zany adventures. 

Socialite Linda Chou, Comedian Christine Peake and actress Nika Khitrova //photo David Chou

Socialite Linda Chou, Comedian Christine Peake and actress Nika Khitrova // photo David Chou

Darrell Hammond continues his reign of making laugh out loud comedy look easy.  I’ve seen him live 6 times and every time the room shakes with laughter.  Tonight he used the intimate setting to bring some crowd work into his act and the laughs echoed out onto the Sunset Strip.

Darrell Hammond // photo: by Arpit Mehta

Darrell Hammond // photo: by Arpit Mehta

DJ Paul Oakenfold brought rhythmic love and thunder to close out the night.  Intense, wild and lords of love! Oakenfold knows how to crank the party to 11 and he and his music brought it to a rainy Monday night.  

Hotel Ziggy

West Hollywood’s Hotel Ziggy Is a Place for the Creative Renegades. Part Music Venue, Part Boutique Hotel. Their Stylish Accommodations Are the Perfect Oasis.


ChocoVino is the first bean to bar chocolate factory in LA.  In 2009, ChocoVivo’s journey began at one farmer’s market stand stone-grinding cacao nibs from bean-to-bar. Fourteen years later, they’ve changed lives and contributed positively to the community and evolved with the mantra “Simple is Better”.  Today they offer tastings, tours and a variety of high quality chocolate for sale. 


The 1934 Cosmo, Gin martini, Old fashioned, Sidecar, Manhattan.  They offer all the classic cocktails and more!

The BTL SVC family of cocktails are a symbol of craftsmanship and passion. Made with only the finest ingredients, each one is as unique as the individual


Tikkun Holistic Spa

All lucky guests found a celebrity favorite, Tikkun Holistic Spa,  pass on their seats

Aqua Hydrate Water

The performance water is formulated for people with or seeking an active lifestyle. AQUAhydrate offers superior hydration without sugar or calories.

Parch Agave Cocktail

Taking a break from alcohol?  This tasty mocktail is your answer.  A citrus and bittersweet cocktail that showcases the lively pairing of Organic Blue Weber Agave, Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit, Grapefruit & Orange Bitters


Elijah Blue Makes his First Public Appearance at Comic Christine Peake’s Birthday Bash after Cher Legal Drama

Elijah Blue Makes his First Public Appearance at Comic Christine Peake’s Birthday Bash after Cher Legal Drama

On Monday night actor Elijah Blue Allman and his wife Marieangela “Queenie” King made their first public appearance since the court announcement, at Comedienne Christine Peake’s birthday show to benefit Breast Cancer Bandit on Sunset Strip’s Hotel Ziggy.

Allman and King were in good spirits relaxing with some of the performing comedians and DJ Paul Oakenfold.

Actor Elijah Blue Allman can finally relax after a long and traumatic battle with one of the world’s most iconic performers.  Who?  His own mother, Cher.

After years of public drug abuse and mental health issues, Cher was trying to have a court-ordered conservatorship over her son with Legendary Rocker Greg Allmann, Elijah Blue Allman.

The Oscar- and Grammy-winning singer and actor argued to the court  in a petition that 47-year-old Elijah Blue Allman’s large payments from the trust of his late father, rocker Gregg Allman, are putting him in danger because of his struggles with mental health and substance abuse.

If granted, Cher would have legal access to millions of dollars from the trust of his late father, reminiscent of what Britney Spears went through with her family and what ultimately caused the #FreeBritney movement.

Rumors flew about where Cher was sending Elijah Blue to ”rest and recover”.  Has he disappeared?  Is he really in a Mexican rehab center ”prison”?

Allman was in the courtroom with his attorneys, who acknowledged his previous struggles but argued he is in a good place now, attending meetings, getting treatment and reconciling with his previously estranged wife.

Finally, just last month a conclusion was announced.

Cher was denied temporary conservatorship over 47-year-old son Elijah Blue Allman in a court of law.

“We are thrilled that the court saw that he does not need a temporary conservatorship,” Allman’s lawyer said as he stood alongside him outside the courthouse. “He’s got a lot of support, he’s doing great.”

Allman first filed for divorce from King, 36, in 2021 after taking their marital vows in December 2013. They’ve since reconciled amid legal drama with Cher.

Monday night at Hotel Ziggy for Christine Peake’s birthday show was the fun and relaxing date night they both needed after years of legal drama.

Fritz Coleman’s Show Extended: “UnAssisted Living” on live at NoHo’s El Portal thru May, on TubiTV

Fritz Coleman’s Show Extended: “UnAssisted Living” on live at NoHo’s El Portal thru May, on TubiTV

LA Legendary newscaster Fritz Coleman extends his show “Unassisted Living” at North Hollywood’s El Portal Theater.  Today we talk with Fritz about comedy during “cancel culture”, performing clean and his comedy special playing on TubiTV.com

Below is edited for length and clarity.  To see the full conversation, visit FlavRReport YouTube Channel

Today we have a returning guest.  Fritz Coleman, thank you so much for coming back again

Fritz Coleman: I am honored to be back. It’s so rare to be invited back anywhere and you’re a gentleman.

Joe Winger: Last time it was very diverse. Because I’m a comedy geek, and I love live comedy. I really want to dive deep with you this time. 

So the show is called Unassisted Living. It’s taped live at the El Puerto Theater, shown on TubiTV.com.

Fritz Coleman: Tubi is a free streaming service. It’s like Hulu. It’s an advertiser supported streaming service. There are very few ads at beginning and in the end, but I’m just happy to have it there.

We appealed to Tubi by saying that there are a lot of Netflix and Amazon prime comedy specials, but very few geared to the demographic that I talk to, which is, as I say, old people and their parents. 

We thought that it would be fun for boomers and above just talking about the common experiences of aging and having grandchildren and how do we survive the pandemic and all that.  We seem to have found an audience for this. We’re just having a blast. I love that.

What’s Live Comedy like after the Pandemic?

Joe Winger: You’ve mentioned a few times in public about how it’s funny to go back to a regular comedy routine after the pandemic. What’s changed the most?

Fritz Coleman: That’s a great question. I would say a couple of things have changed. Some good, some bad. I think, and I don’t know that this has anything to do with a pandemic. It has to do with a cultural divide in America. The difference in opinions and how prickly and protective people are about their own opinions.

Things have gotten very politically correct. Now I don’t do political humor. I don’t even do current events humor, really. And there’s a selfish reason for that. 

First of all, the shelf life of current events material is very short and second of all nobody’s going to do it better than Bill Maher or Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel. 

Third of all, it’s just a time where people are so hypersensitive about everything you don’t even have to do a punchline about Donald Trump or anything related to that.

You can just say the word in the setup and be booed.  You get it from the audience.  So I want to avoid that.

The good aspect of what has changed in comedy

Truthfully now the good aspect of what has changed is I don’t think there’s been a time in recent history when comedy has been more important because there’s a kind of a malaise.

There’s a sort of a mild national depression again, it’s the cultural divide. It might be a post pandemic PTSD kind of thing, people just want to be taken out of their heads.  So what I do is get up there and talk about the common experience of getting old and just the common experience of American life for people my age. 

If you connect with them and they recognize what you’re talking about and they laugh, it’s very cathartic for them.

For that one hour and 15 minutes, you’ve taken them out of their heads. You’ve made them forget that things are not perfect in the world. And I think it’s very therapeutic. So from that respect it’s a good time right now for standup, but it’s also a time when it’s fraught with landmines.


Joe Winger: I want to go a little more into detail on TubiTV, what it’s like to shoot a show. Obviously in the 1980s and 1990s, HBO and Comedy Central did a lot of live comedy. I should say live to tape, it’s not actually live. Now Netflix has become so incredibly popular. 

Tell us how to access and see the show. So what’s it like both starring in the show, producing the show, and what does it actually take to make the show happen?

Fritz Coleman: I have a favorite theater in Southern California called the El Portal Theater in North Hollywood. I have a residency there through May now. 

We’ve just been extended for the second time. Once a month, I do a show there. And within the El Portal, it’s a very iconic Southern California performing venue, hey have a smaller theater called the Marilyn Monroe Forum. It’s a 100 seat theater. It’s a semi-circular. It’s a half theater in the round. 

I chose this venue for a couple of reasons. First of all, I like the intimacy of it. I like to walk up and look into people’s eyes and see their reaction.

It becomes more of a conversation than a performance. I saw this venue on Hacks, which is a great show about stand up starring Jean Smart. I don’t like shows about stand-up mainly, I’m too 

They did one of their episodes where they wanted to shoot her in a more cocktail table environment. They shot an episode in this theater where they had six or seven cocktail tables in front. Overhead cameras and lighting, beautiful lighting. 

I thought that’s where I want to do my show.  That’s exactly how I want it to look. It’s not a big, broad performance where you’re strutting the stage like Chappelle or any of those guys. 

So I taped it there and it felt really good. 

When you  [produce the show] yourself. You hire a producer and a director and I did that and trusted that they would bring my vision to light.  We had a great show, we took one Sunday afternoon to tape two shows, 3pm and 7pm and then we cut the best of the two together and presented the final product to all the streamers.

We had some interest from First World Digital which is the digital content arm of A24.  Then got interest from Tubi. 

So we had to find a streamer that thought it was important for us to appeal to boomers and adults.

It works so well that I got a residency at this theater, meaning once a month I do a show there and we just got extended for the second time.

We will be there once a month through May and It’s fantastic. I’m at a stage in my life where I’m not looking to have national fame.  I just love the work. I love to do local theaters and clubs and whoever will have me now. And it’s been a blast.

Joe Winger: You seem so incredibly comfortable on camera. You’ve mentioned in the press, the daily grind that was your day job. What I’m wondering about is what’s your process like building up your show?

Fritz Coleman: It’s your daily job. There are two guys that had a spectacular work ethic in our business. One was George Carlin, who wrote for hours every day, and Jerry Seinfeld, who would discipline himself to write for a couple hours every day.

Even if you don’t have anything ruminating in your mind, you have to write every day. You have to discipline yourself to sit in front of that page and write. Something will happen. And you have to do it, and it’s a grind. And all writing can be lonely and laborious and not productive, but you have to do it.

And then you have to try it. But I think one out of ten concepts or jokes or bits that you come up with,  ultimately make it into your long act 

Larry Miller, one of the great stand ups, a great friend of Seinfeld said, “Building a stand up act is like operating a moonshine still. You get one drip at a time and it takes forever.” 

And it really does.  The beauty of not having my job and I had the fortune of having an astonishingly wonderful job at NBC Los Angeles for 40 years. I was their main weekday weather guy.

But I did 12 hours a day there. Then I would write, then I would do shows between the early and late news and come back. But now that I’m retired from that job, I can discipline myself to write every morning. I can concentrate on the quality of my shows.  I have this Residency, which allows me to do new blocks of material every time.

So more than any other time in my career, my set is expanding more quickly. It requires discipline and it just requires sticking to it.


Joe Winger:  Jerry Seinfeld is famously not blue.  But other names, George Carlin,  Richard Pryor, Robert Klein are certainly more aggressive 

In your own words, you’re famously “squeaky clean”.   Is that a deliberate choice on your part?  What are the advantages, disadvantages to that?

Fritz Coleman: There are both advantages and disadvantages.  I’m clean for two reasons. When I first started in comedy, when I came out here in 1980 to Los Angeles to do stand up, and you were auditioning to go on the talk shows, Carson, Merv Griffin, Dinah Shore, whoever’s talk shows you were doing, you had to be clean.

And when you were working in the [comedy club] rooms, you had to be clean, even if you weren’t auditioning for the talent coordinators on their shows, because if they were in the room watching somebody else and saw you be blue or really edgy on stage, it would be impossible to get their attention because they were afraid for their own job.

So you had to work clean. 

So I just disciplined myself into that. The second reason why clean is important is because you will get more very lucrative corporate work, if you’re clean.  If IBM has a conference in Las Vegas and they’re looking for somebody to entertain their 10, 000 person mid-level-management convention, you have to be squeaky clean.

You can’t even do double entendres and many times they’ll want to parse your act before you even do it. It’s better business to work clean. 

Third of all,  I’m in my seventies and  people my age appreciate a cleaner act. 

That was another thing we pitched to Tubi. I’m Dave Chappelle’s biggest fan, Chris Rock’s biggest fan, but there are people my age that just wince at some of the language and stuff.

I don’t want them to be uncomfortable. I’m not here like Richard Pryor was or George Carlin was to challenge the First Amendment. I’m not there to push the boundaries. Honest to God, I just want to make people laugh and smile and have a good time and feel better for one hour.

Joe Winger: When you’re out and about at these shows, you meet younger comics who might be asking you for advice. Is there any common advice you give to young performers or performers newer to the industry?

Fritz Coleman:  Yeah, be true to yourself. Find who you are.

You’ll always start out copying somebody else. When I started out, I was copying, and sometimes you do it subconsciously. I was copying Robert Klein and his beautiful stage presentation, and George Carlin and his writing skills. 

Then after a while, you’ll find out what makes you unique and you’ll write to that and find yourself.  Stick to that and don’t quit. 

It can be a ruthless business to try to get a foothold in, but don’t quit. The longer you go and discipline yourself to, to writing and being true to your character, people can sense phoniness from a mile away. 

Just be true to yourself. And that’s what people resonate with.

Fritz Coleman’s comedy show “Unassisted Living” has been extended at North Hollywood’s El Portal through May 2024.  Find tix and schedule here.

Find Fritz Coleman’s comedy special “Unassisted Living” on TubiTv.


Hollywood entertainer Cat Ce On Staying Physically & Mentally Fit In Hollywood

Hollywood entertainer Cat Ce On Staying Physically & Mentally Fit In Hollywood

“It’s all about balance”

All round entertainer and producer Cat Ce is a familiar face and name in Hollywood circles.

Known for Producing sold out comedy shows every month at The Ice House, The World Famous Comedy Store etc. She also is a fan favorite guest star on leading shows at Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club Las Vegas.

When not doing stand up comedy, she is a working actress and just celebrated her 50th popular Podcast, which is on spotify and iheart radio.

Cat Ce is definitely productively packing her days with her creativity and manages to stay fit and radiant. She is also a certified Pilates teacher – which explains the body!

Physical stamina is a must for her busy schedule

Physical stamina is a must for her busy schedule

Her work out regime is very specific to her needs and she swears by swimming to keep her body toned and mind relaxed.

Anyone who has been backstage at a comedy show or eaten at a comedy club will tell you there are specific comfort foods that may not be the healthiest if eaten on a nightly basis. Who doesn’t love pizza or chicken wings and fries at 11pm?

Well, Cat Ce for one stays away from the temptations as much as she can.

“I try to eat healthy & balanced meals.

Smoothies, fruits, veggies, fish or lean meat with great protein are my main nutrients…”

reveals Cat Ce

“…I try to do everything in moderation. I don’t completely cut out bread, I just try to minimize the intake of carbs, get enough protein, and never deprive myself. I have  a balanced lifestyle. Staying active with daily exercise, and swimming is my daily routine. A solid workout  will obviously help you stay in shape, but  also helps me manage stress.

Cat Ce wears many hats and works out regularly to stay fit

Cat Ce wears many hats and works out regularly to stay fit

I keep physically strong, which leads me to feeling mentally strong, this also guarantees a good night sleep — which is also key.

The simple basic fundamentals of taking care of ourselves is my mantra, this will lead to success. I believe.”

Something tells me Cat Ce is right!

To catch Cat Ce performing check out her upcoming shows in Los Angeles Hollywood Improv Jan 15th and 19th, the Comedy Store Jan 15th and Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club in Las Vegas on Jan 20th!


Los Angeles Scariest, Thrilling, Tastiest, Most Fun Halloween Event List 2023 (Updated)

Los Angeles’ Scariest, Thrilling, Tastiest, Most Fun Halloween Event 2023 (Updated)

Our guide to Halloween 2023 in Los Angeles has you covered with the best treats, the most inspiring costumes and the best neighborhoods for fun, frights and memorable nights.

Los Angeles' Freakiest, Scariest, Tastiest, Halloween Event List 2023 (Updated)

Haunted houses a big part of the season here — with theme parks and Hollywood professional effects artists. 

Let the countdown begin!


Universal Studios’  Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Studios’  Halloween Horror Nights

Legend has it you should never go alone to Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights, Southern California’s scariest Halloween event. Summon your scream squad and you might survive.

You’ll be able to navigate multiple scare zones and mazes, including ones based on The Last of Us, Stranger Things, Evil Dead Rise, The Exorcist: Believer, Chucky, the classic Universal Monsters.

8 Terrifying Haunted Houses and the Terror Tram

Enter haunted houses inspired by the biggest names in horror, plus the Terror Tram is back and scarier than ever. You’re never quite sure if your spine is tingling with dread or sheer excitement.

Info and tickets here: https://www.halloweenhorrornights.com




Since 2011, guests have played their part in the most visceral, captivating and unique live experience in the world. A living, breathing world of fantastical horror where stories come to vivid life

Devoted fans will be swallowed into various stories and connect with characters both dire and beloved as they track down the mysterious author behind the Delusion series and learn of a disturbing agenda.

Info and tix: https://enterdelusion.com

West Hollywood Halloween Carnival

West Hollywood Halloween Carnival

West Hollywood loves Halloween, and the City of West Hollywood is thrilled that Halloween is back with Halloween Carnaval 2023!

The City’s incomparable Halloween Carnaval is one of the most unique Halloween gatherings in the world.

Halloween Carnaval is free to attend and will take place on Tuesday, October 31, 2023 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. on a one-mile stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard between N. Doheny Drive and N. La Cienega Boulevard.

Staged on Santa Monica Boulevard/Historic Route 66, Halloween Carnaval will feature a stage at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and N. San Vicente Boulevard with a live DJ set, food trucks and thousands of wildly dressed Halloween revelers for a one-of-a-kind experience.

There will also be Halloween celebrations at businesses, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues throughout the City!

The City invites Halloween Carnaval-goers to get into the spirit and show off costumes by uploading photos to social media sites with the hashtag #wehohalloween.

More info West Hollywood Halloween Carnival


All Hallow's Weed in the Heart of West Hollywood at The Artist Tree 

Cake Moss Hosts Spook-tacular All Hallow’s Weed in the Heart of West Hollywood at The Artist Tree

It’s time to get spooky at West Hollywood’s favorite cannabis lounge! Cake Moss hosts this year’s Hallo-weedparty at The Artist Tree, which includes tricks and treats of all sorts  in the form of spooky themed cannabis cocktails, entertainment, and some ghostly surprises.

Costumes are highly encouraged, as The Artist Tree is hosting a contest that starts at 8pm. Enter if you dare to be fabulous and leave with some goodies and perhaps even a chance to be entered into the West Hollywood Community Costume Contest on Halloween night that will feature celebrity judges.

For info and tix to: All Hallow’s Weed at The Artist Tree 

West Hollywood Halloween Harvest Haunt

West Hollywood Halloween Harvest Haunt

Rosemary’s Baby at the Orpheum.

Rosemary’s Baby at the Orpheum.



This Halloween see spooky films screened in a cemetery. This October, Cinespia will be showing Halloween and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, The Ring at L.A. State Historic Park and Rosemary’s Baby at the Orpheum.

Info and tix for Cinespia

"Hocus Pocus" at Rooftop Cinema Club

“Hocus Pocus” at Rooftop Cinema Club

Rooftop Cinema Club

“Come, we fly!” Over the years, watching Hocus Pocus during the Halloween season has become a tradition for everyone, including us here at RCC. And now we have an even better reason to play this classic because it turns 30 this year! Come out to celebrate its anniversary at one of our many screenings throughout October!

Info and tix for Rooftop Cinema Club

Walt Disney Concert Hall's The Phantom of the Opera.

Walt Disney Concert Hall’s The Phantom of the Opera.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Each year the Walt Disney Concert Hall adds a little bit of Frank Gehry architecture to Halloween with a silent film screening accompanied by organist Clark Wilson for an extra eerie feel. This year, take a seat for the silent 1925 masterpiece The Phantom of the Opera.

Info and tix for Walt Disney Concert Hall’s The Phantom of the Opera.

The Bride of Frankenstein with Live Orchestra

Break out the hairspray and spend Halloween with Elsa Lanchester and Boris Karloff!

This year, our hugely popular annual celebration of horror and live music at the breathtaking Theatre at Ace Hotel presents film director James Whale’s chilling The Bride of Frankenstein, with one of the most iconic “wedding” scenes in cinematic history.

As this 1935 horror classic plays out larger than life on the silver screen, the magnificent musicians of the LA Opera Orchestra, conducted by Jenny Wong, perform Franz Waxman’s groundbreaking original soundtrack score live. It’s the ultimate cinematic experience!

Info and tix: The Bride of Frankenstein with Live Orchestra

Tim Burton’s the Nightmare Before Christmas Live with Danny Elfman

Tim Burton’s the Nightmare Before Christmas Live with Danny Elfman

Tim Burton’s the Nightmare Before Christmas Live with Danny Elfman

Danny Elfman steps back into the role of Jack Skellington for a live performance and screening of The Nightmare Before Christmas at the Hollywood Bowl.

Featuring Elfman, Catherine O’Hara (Sunday), Halsey (Fri/Sat), Fred Armisen, Riki Lindhome (Fri/Sat) and Ken Page with a live orchestra!

Come early for Halloween Fun featuring a costume contest hosted by Greg Proops (“Who’s Line is it Anyway?”) and explore the Hollywood Bowl transformed into Halloween Town for in an incredible trick-or-treat adventure, fun for kids of all ages!

Info and tix: Tim Burton’s the Nightmare Before Christmas Live with Danny Elfman

Halloween in Hollywood: Halsey and Catherine O’Hara Share the Spotlight in ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ at Hollywood Bowl

Halloween in Hollywood: Halsey and Catherine O’Hara to Alternate as Sally in ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ at Hollywood Bowl.

Halsey joined the production of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” coming to the Hollywood Bowl for just three nights prior to Halloween, as the role of Sally on the first two nights of the engagement, then the movie’s original voice actor, Catherine O’Hara takes it over on the third.

The dates Halsey will appear are Oct. 27-28.

On Oct. 29, O’Hara will not only play Sally but also step into the role of Shock, which will be sung on the previous two nights by Riki Lindhome.

Although it’s a short part in the live-to-picture production, Sally has been a plum one for pop stars in recent years. Phoebe Bridgers did it last December in London for a two-night “Nightmare” concert engagement at London’s OVO Arena Wembley. The last time a concert engagement of “Nightmare” happened in Los Angeles, two years ago at Banc of California Stadium, Billie Eilish was in the cast to sing “Sally’s Song” for that two-night stand.

Other performers have been announced.

Fred Armisen will singi the role of Lock. Ken Page returns as Oogie Boogie.

Of course Danny Elfman will reprise the starring role of Jack Skellington, as he has done at the Bowl for many years.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” has been presented at the Bowl in 2015, 2016 and 2018. The Banc of America show in 2021 included Paul Reubens in one of his final live appearances.

This concert version is produced by Laura Engel and Richard Kraft of Kraft-Engel Productions and Alison Ahart Williams, Tim Fox & Georgina Ryder of AMP Worldwide in association with Disney Concerts.

John Mauceri will return as the conductor of a full orchestra playing Elfman’s score live-to-film. Also returning is Sandy Cameron as guest violinist for the “Skeleton Trio Entr’acte.” Randy Crenshaw, Angie Jarée, Baraka May, Greg Proops and Fletcher Sheridan will complete the live voice cast.

Los Angeles: With Moby Pod, Multi-Award-Winning Rocker Moby Joins Podcasting World

Moby Pod celebrates the artist’s unique perspective on the world of music, activism, and so much more.

There are some people who master one skill, and then there are some whose creative versatility seems to know no bounds. That’s multi-hyphenate artist MOBY.

Moby, the award-winning punk rocker-turned-electronica artist, who has sold 20+ million records across the globe, has joined the podcast age and launched Moby Pod (available on all podcast platforms).

The new show is distributed in partnership with the Human Content podcast network.

Still as active as ever, this year has been full of releases, records, and real conversations with people all from Moby’s circle.

With Moby Pod, Multi-Award-Winning Rocker Moby Joins Podcasting World

With Moby Pod, Multi-Award-Winning Rocker Moby Joins Podcasting World

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to tour with David Bowie, cure your panic attacks with your own musical creation, or own the world’s dirtiest teacups, Moby Pod is a must-listen.

The podcast, which stars the renowned musician himself and his co-host and producer, Lindsay Hicks, offers Moby’s personal and professional insights in addition to sharing unique perspectives on the world of music, animal activism, and beyond.

Moby Pod, which releases new episodes every other week, features Moby’s occasional sit-downs with surprising guests to discuss their careers, creative processes, and more.

Listeners who are fans of Moby’s music and those simply interested in hearing candid conversations with fascinating people alike, you will find something engaging, thought-provoking, and entertaining each week.

Early guests have included Derrick Green, renowned vocalist of the groundbreaking metal band Sepultura (2/10); American actress and painter Lisa Edelstein(3/10); and actor and sustainability advocate Ed Begley Jr. (7/28).

I went where everyone went, the world of podcasting!

Moby jokes

I love talking, and I love having fascinating conversations with fascinating people, so this podcast has been a long time coming.

In addition to his podcast debut, Moby made his directorial debut with the worldwide premiere of his new film, Punk Rock Vegan Movie, at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah in January. “Punk Rock Vegan Movie,which has now won “Best Documentary” at multiple film festivals, explores the ongoing relationship between punk rock and animal rights.

A longtime vegan and animal rights activist himself, Moby is offering his film for free to spread the importance and urgency of his message: going vegan to protect the world’s animals.

And there’s more!

On May 12, Moby released his new album “Resound NYC” via Deutsche Grammophon / Universal.  The album features reimagined versions of some of his best-known tracks with new vocalists, including Gregory Porter, Ricky Wilson (Kaiser Chiefs), Margo Timmons, and Amythyst Kiah.

New Moby Pod episodes release every other week on all podcast platforms. 

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