Beauty and Big Laughs ‘Models of Comedy’ with Ksenia, Peake, St. John at Ella Beverly Hills from Max Events 

Ksenia, Peake, St. John! Beauty and Big Laughs ‘Models of Comedy’ at Ella Beverly Hills with Max Events 

Max Events presents Models of Comedy in support of From the Heart Tribe and sponsored by Lamborghini, Ella Beverly Hills, Sixty Hotels, Neft Vodka.

Ksenia, Peake, St. John! Beauty and Big Laughs ‘Models of Comedy’ at Ella Beverly Hills with Max Events 

Ksenia, Peake, St. John! Beauty and Big Laughs ‘Models of Comedy’ at Ella Beverly Hills with Max Events 

Ksenia, Peake, St. John! Beauty and Big Laughs ‘Models of Comedy’ at Ella Beverly Hills with Max Events 

What happens when you produce a comedy show starring some of the most beautiful people from around the world, including New Zealand, Germany, Russia, Denmark, Latin America, United Kingdom, United States and more?

The answer is fun-loving, raucous and big laughs.

Emmy Award winning Fashion Stylist, Costume Designer Brenda Cooper arrives for the show

Emmy Award winning Fashion Stylist, Costume Designer Brenda Cooper arrives for the show // Photos by Eugene Powers

Hot Night – Big Laughs ‘Models of Comedy’

The audience started off fun and flirty (thanks to St. John who we’ll get to in a sec), turned over the top, and by the end of the night there was a sing-a-long.  

Eliza St John hosts ‘Models of Comedy’

Eliza St John hosts ‘Models of Comedy’ // Photos by Eugene Powers

Eliza St. John

St. John was our host for the night who definitely set the tone: sexy, fun, flirty.  Struts onto the stage, wiggling and dancing. Oozing with energy, she interrupts her own introduction to flirt with a guy in the front row – who she asks to slide into her DMs.  Then asks the whole room to slide into her DMs.

A frisky start to a night that only gets hotter.

Eugenia Kuzmina performs at ‘Models of Comedy’

Eugenia Kuzmina performs at ‘Models of Comedy’ // Photos by Eugene Powers

Eugenia Kuzmina

Eugenia has become a comic strip regular, performing throughout Los Angeles stages.  She usually includes character work.  But, tonight was a straighter performance, based on well-timed rat-a-tat style jokes.  More relaxed, more comfortable.  Her characters are fun, but here’s hoping she delves deeper into these scripted punchlines.

Christine Peake, photo by Eugene Powers

Christine Peake

“Oh My Gawwd,” a guy in the 3rd row gasps just seconds into Christine Peake’s act.  And the gasps and howls only get louder!  Her set is not for the faint of heart. She goes for the jugular. LA’s “woke” youngsters in the crowd gasped, while the older crowd hooted along.

In 2024 she is finding her wings and soaring.  At Peake’s birthday show a few weeks ago, she broke new territory with her improvising.  Tonight she brought new laughs with a mostly new (and growing) set.   

Dominika Van Santen // Photo by Eugene Powers

Dominika Van Santen // Photo by Eugene Powers

Dominika Van Santen

Dominika won the Top Model of the World in 2005 and competed for Miss Venezuela Pageant, later she performed alongside Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Robin Thicke, J. Lo, Pitbull.  Tonight she brought great laughs.

CJ Franco // Photo by Eugene Powers

CJ Franco // Photo by Eugene Powers

CJ Franco

Instantly recognizable from 2021’s FBoy Island and tonight she continues beginning the heat – smart and salacious.  From threesomes to sex toys, she takes us into her bedroom and the crowd loves it.  Laughs, cringes, and blushing – she keeps pushing to the edge and gleefully dancing off the cliff.  Unafraid!

Thash Mose // Photo by Eugene Powers

Thash Mose // Photo by Eugene Powers

Thash Mose

Thash is a surprise discovery.  A quieter delivery, which made the laughs all the bigger.  From Disney’s “Frozen”, to drug addicts and the fashionably offensive. Nothing was off-limits and the audience loved her.  

Ksenia // Photo by Eugene Powers

Ksenia // Photo by Eugene Powers

Night of Beauty, Laughs and Surprises at ‘Models of Comedy’


Ksenia was one of the biggest winners of the night.  A mix of jokes, stories and songs.  Yes, songs.  And here’s the surprise: she has a great voice.  She got the crowd to sing-along twice by the end.  Seeing couples and strangers sway to the music,  enjoying the moment.  Ksenia is someone to watch for.  Get a ticket to her next show!

Thash Mose, Christine Peake, Eugenia Kuzmina, Kzenia // Photo by Eugene Powers

Thash Mose, Christine Peake, Eugenia Kuzmina, Kzenia // Photo by Eugene Powers

Neft Vodka

The World’s First Sipping Vodka from Austria.  Carefully selected for their soft and mild flavor profiles, Neft uses only Old-World non-GMO rye grains in their mash bill, imparting subtle sweetness and a luxuriously lengthy finish of soft, rye spice.

They are meticulous in their distillation process: using a copper still followed by continuous column distillation to extract only the highest quality spirit: the hearts. The result is a vodka with an incredible flavor profile and distinctive viscosity, giving NEFT its infinitely sipable taste and luxurious mouthfeel.

From the Heart Tribe

From the Heart Tribe is dedicated to effectuating positive change by organizing engaging experiences that contribute to the betterment of the natural environment.




Secret of Caesar salad: John Robert Sutton Reveals on “Foods That Matter” Podcast

Secret of Caesar salad: John Robert Sutton Reveals on “Foods That Matter” Podcast

The Caesar salad was NOT invented in Italy!

The iconic dish, celebrating its 100th birthday this year, has roots in Tijuana, Mexico.

Foods That Matter John Robert Sutton

Foods ThatMatter John Robert Sutton

To celebrate, podcast host of CurtCo Media’s Foods That Matter and seasoned food archaeologist John Robert Sutton joined Juan José “Tana” Plascencia, the owner of Caesar’s Restaurant – home of the first Caesar salad – in person.

To eat some original recipe salad and chat about how, why, where, and by whom the dish came to be one of the most popular menu items in the US.

John and Tana’s intriguing conversation, starting with the recipe’s origins and ending with its worldwide prominence, is available on Foods That Matter on all major podcast platforms. You get a firsthand look at the backstory of Caesar salad, delving into all the rich flavors and history that made it such an important influence in the dining world.

Near or visiting Tijuana?

Join Tana at the centennial celebration at Caesar’s Restaurant on July 7, 2024. Plus, if you tell Tana that you listened to this episode of Foods That Matter – Celebrating 100 Years of Caesar Salad with the Origin Story that Starts in Tijuana, Mexico – he will give you the authentic recipe to take home!

About Foods That Matter:
Come along for a culinary thrill as Foods That Matter transports foodies to corners of the world through stories of adventure with food archeologist John Robert Sutton, also known as ‘The Indiana Jones of Food.’

John unlocks the secrets to the globe’s extraordinary cuisines, as he’s been doing throughout his travels in over 120 countries while enriching top grocery stores and Michelin-starred chefs with the finest ingredients and powering them with quality products.

The presenting sponsor of Foods That Matter is Watkins, award-winning extracts, spices & herbs, seasoning blends, grilling rubs & marinades, artificial dye-free baking decorations, and more crafted in the USA since 1868. The show is available on podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, SpotifyYouTube and Goodpods.

About CurtCo Media:
CurtCo Media – with its talented producers and creative team – provides listeners with quality podcasts, featuring authoritative hosts, distinguished guests, and inspiring storytellers. The company presents many nationally-recognized series, covering topics such as scripted sci-fi (SOLAR), luxury (Cars That MatterTravel That Matters, Wines That Matter) and others.

Nén Danang Awarded 2024 MICHELIN Green Star for Sustainability

Nén Danang Awarded 2024 MICHELIN Green Star for Sustainability

At the prestigious MICHELIN Awards Ceremony held at the InterContinental Hotel Saigon, a notable achievement was celebrated within the realm of sustainable gastronomy: Nén Danang, a pioneer in Vietnam’s fine dining scene, was honored with the 2024 MICHELIN Green Star for Excellence in Sustainability. As the first Vietnamese restaurant in the world to be recognized, as well as the first in Vietnam, this accolade underscores Nén’s commitment to innovative and environmentally conscious practices that set a benchmark for the industry.

The Michelin Green Star, a prestigious annual award, celebrates restaurants leading the industry in sustainability. Highlighting establishments that uphold rigorous ethical and environmental standards, this accolade recognizes those who collaborate with sustainable producers and suppliers to minimize waste and reduce or eliminate plastics and other non-recyclable materials. To date, only 540 restaurants worldwide have earned this honor, offering dining experiences that not only exemplify culinary excellence but also demonstrate exceptional eco-friendly practices. These restaurants serve as beacons of inspiration for both enthusiastic foodies and the broader hospitality industry.

Nén Danang, under the visionary leadership of Chef Summer Le and her partner Leon Le, has been instrumental in redefining what it means to dine sustainably. With a culinary philosophy deeply rooted in the principles of ethical and environmental stewardship, Nén sources 99% of its ingredients locally, including from its own farms, thereby supporting Vietnam’s local economies and artisans while minimizing environmental impact. This approach not only ensures the freshest ingredients but also fosters a strong connection with the community and the natural world.

The restaurant’s Sto:ry Menus exemplify this ethos, merging rich Vietnamese traditions with inventive dining experiences. Each dish is a celebration of nature and a narrative of culture, crafted to offer a multi-sensory delight that evokes emotions ranging from joy to nostalgia. Notably, their Sto:ry Menu #5 is a zero-waste venture that transforms everyday ingredients, such as eggshells into noodles, showcasing an innovative approach to sustainability.

The core of Nén’s culinary identity lies in its commitment to ‘Conscious Vietnamese cuisine.’ The restaurant’s ethos—origin, aesthetic, intention, balance, emotion, and presence—guides its culinary choices. Each aspect, from the sourcing of ingredients to the final presentation, is thoughtfully curated to enhance the dining experience, making every meal an event of conscious consumption and enjoyment.

Nén’s unique approach to cuisine also reflects in its name, derived from a humble but flavorful ingredient found in Central Vietnam’s kitchens. This reflects the restaurant’s philosophy: finding potential in the overlooked and elevating it to something extraordinary. It’s about transforming simplicity into splendor, turning each meal into an exploration of the hidden depths of Vietnamese culinary traditions.

Located next to Nén Farm in Da Nang, the restaurant serves as the flagship for a brand that is deeply invested in research and sustainability. Despite challenges like a temporary closure during the Covid-19 pandemic, Nén Danang reopened in 2023 with renewed vigor and a continued focus on its sustainable mission. This commitment culminated in receiving Vietnam’s first and only MICHELIN Green Star in 2024, a testament to its leadership in promoting a sustainable and ethically aware dining culture.

Through Nén Danang, diners are invited not just to eat, but to experience stories through flavors, where each dish serves as a dialogue between the chef and the earth, a narrative that continues to inspire both food enthusiasts and culinary peers around the world.


WeHo’s Newest culinary experience: Blue Birdy Gastropub Opens on Sunset Strip Near legendary Whiskey A-Go-Go

Sunset Strip’s Blue Birdy Gastropub Opens Near legendary Whiskey A-Go-Go

Located two doors down from the legendary Whiskey A-Go-Go is a brand-new culinary experience.

Blue Birdy offers up some super tasty gastropub fare on the iconic Sunset Strip.

Blue Birdy opened its doors to amazing success in early 2024, due largely to its chef and owner JC Mahdavi.

JC is no stranger to success since he’s been in the restaurant business, having owned Joxer Daly’s in Culver City for many years. His formula is great food mixed with solid cocktail recipes. Joxer Daly’s is an Irish Pub/Sports Bar with a neighborhood feel, a true staple in the culinary landscape of Los Angeles.

He brings that same philosophy to Blue Birdy but with more of an upscale vibe.

Blue Birdy has a French-influenced menu. JC implements his family’s recipes, hailing from France, he knows what good mouthwatering food is and how to create it.

“I want my customers to feel comfortable at Blue Birdy,

a place that they can come to and leave the stress of their day behind,

enjoy great libations and wonderfully inspired gastropub cuisine.”

owner JC Mahdavi

Blue Birdy’s menu includes a wonderful specialty cocktail program, all made from scratch.

The Boom Ba Da packs a nice punch, with its smooth lemon flavor and gorgeous presentation.

Strawberry Fields is a nice refreshing blend of champagne vodka and strawberry puree, almost like a smoothy but with a nice marriage of citrus essences, which has a great mouth feel. Brunch items are huge and super tasty.

Their French Toast is unlike any other, with ube, cream cheese, and sugar-filled, it’s purple and really is amazing. The Short Rib Benedict is comfort brunch at its best, a must-try.

Their Noodle Salad is perfect for the health-conscious diner as well as their tempura asparagus. Entree menu items include Lemon Herb Chicken, Steak and Fries, Fish & Chips, Teriyaki Salmon, and lots of Burgers – all simply delectable.

Whatever you order, you too will be surprised at how great their food is.

The sparkling interior gives you an elegant hipster vibe.  The subtle blue flowers that adorn the overhead light fixtures really create a cool, sensual feeling.

Striations of blue linear lines are part of the overall flooring. Highlighted on one wall is a floor-to-ceiling LED flat-screen TV wall, that is guaranteed to bring in many sports fans for those big-ticket games, with many additional screens both inside and out.

Blue Birdy can accommodate inside seating as well as a front street-level patio and a back patio for more of a secluded experience, it’s the perfect spot for a private party.

There are plans for different themed nights. So far, Tropical Thursdays are guaranteed to get your Salsa on. Friday will be dress-up Drag Night, and Saturday is Shabhaye Tehran-LA. With all of the viewing opportunities, any night or day is a sports theme, but whatever the occasion, Blue Birdy will make your Sunset Strip experience one to remember.


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